Apply These 11 Secret Techniques To Improve Youtube Rankings!

 What Are Subscribers?

Subscribers are not only those people who change the Red Subscribe Button Gey Subscribed Button. 

Subscribers also engage with your videos including likes, comments and view your new videos, and keep updated with your content. 

Subscribers Are The People who watch your content ensuring that they would watch your videos, but if you buy subscribers, they might not engage with your new content, telling YouTube that this channel is not appropriate for the Search Results because it's own friendly people(subscribers) aren't happy with its content.
So, How Do You Rank Without Hacks?

By knowing about the Search Algorithms and The Ranking Factors Of YouTube.

Search Ranking algorithm

In This Section, I'm not gonna tell you to write GreatDescriptions, titles, etc...

Because I know all of you are already doing that, it doesn't benefit you much. 

And It is also certified by a Research By HackTube Team, That tags, descriptions, and titles, do make a change of only about 1.3% (on average ) in Search Ranking, that's too low.

And, If you write nothing, your video can ya till rank because YouTube Can listen to every part of your video, and find relevancy within your video only.

So, Basically, There's no need to go through Descriptions and titles.

So, Without Further Ado, let's get right into it.

Ranking Factors

#1 Engagement

The Number Of Souls engage with your videos, Youtube Thinks, Your Content Is Astonishing.

As, A Research, YouTube Practices Engagement as a Major ranking factor, and Do You Know? 

The Number Of Likes, Comments, and Shares, a particular video, has matters a lot and our analysis also proves it.

#2 Date

Sounds Not Right, But That's true, YouTube uses time as an important signal because

YouTube thinks that this content is updated and is relevant to the modern period.

#3 Video Lenght

So here's a fact, the longer the video is, the more it has content and has higher opportunities to rank in the Search Results.

But, sometimes shorter videos rank in YouTube, why so?

Because, If Someone has a video of 12 minutes, and someone has a video of 25 minutes, YouTube Could hear Every Portion Of Your Video and Tell Whether, the Shorter Video is appropriate or longer because Shorter videos Save Time Of Their Users.

#4 Like Ratio

YouTube would promote only that content that interests its users unlike, Facebook Or Instagram.

#5 Subscribers

The Channel With More number of subscribers will definitely rank higher, because,

the subscribers would the video, and increase its views, likes, and shares

therefore, giving a positive signal for the video.

That doesn't mean that small channels cannot OutRank Big Channels,

As The Video's Of TechnoGamerz(21M Subscribers) outranks the video of TotalGaming (28M Subscribers) And For Knowing Way, TechnoGamerz videos also outrank Dream's (25M Subscribers) Video

#6 Click-Through-Rate

More, The People Click Your Videos On First Impression, YouTube Thinks That This Video might be relevant for Search Results.

#7 What Users Want

If People Are Clicking On Your Video, It means they are looking For Information, Entertainment or Something else, about what they are looking for.

#8 Past View

What Users, Have Recently Watched doesn't rank on No.1, If The User Enters the same query, because, YouTube Comes To Know That The Following Video, Isn't Informative.

And Hence, Decreases Its Rankings

#9 Subscriptions

The Videos From Which The User, Is Subscribed Ranks higher than Other Videos,

Because YouTube Thinks that the following channel which user has subscribed to provides information in a Way Which the user wants

#10 Trending Video

Videos trending At The Moment ranks higher than other videos, And It's a Fact.

#11 Tags

If The Tag Of The Video, Contains the exact tag which User is Searching, YouTube Ranks It Higher

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