Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) The Advanced Way,

HTML 5, The Advanced Way

So, In today's Post , we are gonna learn about HTML in the advanced way, 
                                                                                                                                    By the Way I use Adobe Dreamweaver, because of The split screen mode which they provide.
                                                                                                                                        Code And Display At The Same Time.
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Starting Off with Beginner Style:

Html Is Known As Hyper Text Markup language:
                                                                                      Which means that all the pages on The Intranet (World Wide Web) are internally and externally connected. 
                                                                                                        But that Isn't the True, Around 24% of all the web pages aren't externally connected.

Let's Get An Example Of How to Get Traffic & links:

Write The Following Code:

            <meta charset = "UTF-8">
            <title> Document Title </title>
            <p> "Lorem Ispum" - <a href="https://www.realconnected.online/"> Kavya Sahai </a>

What does this Code Mean:

<html> means The Open Tag Of Html, without this Html can't run, it represents that this is a html code, and it is a container tag.

<head> means the tag which consists of You Search Engine Optimization And Google Tab Front Text.

<meta> means the SEO optimization Tag Of Html, which help your pages to Rank In Google.

<title> It tells The Search Engine About The Title Of The Page, Not the User, Would ya till see blank.

<body> It is Code which User sees and Refers to... 

<p> It means Paragraph Tag.

<a> It stands for Anchor Tag, and It is Used To Give a Hyperlink to Another web page or Another Website.

How this code can increase Search Rankings:

Basically how this works, is that if you provide anchor to them, and provide a minimum traffic of 1000 to 5000, By opening the Link Again & Again, they would think that we are referring him and people are repeatedly opening my site from his blog. And 89% of Blog owner will give you back a back link, for example me.
                                                             Just make sure to write An Article For Example, The Best Christmas Present and then refer it to my page, The best Christmas Present In The World

So, Code be Like:

    <p>The Best Christmas Present within the World is written by using Michael Morpurgo. The tale begins with the author making a decision about shopping for an old roll pinnacle desk. He noticed one in a junk save in Bridport. It was in terrible condition however changed into affordable. So, he concept that he ought to repair it and brought it domestic. He began operating on it at the eve of Christmas. He pulled out the drawers and found them in a damaged circumstance. The final drawer caught speedy and the writer needed to follow extra pressure to open it.

Finally, the drawer opened and he found a shallow area inner. Inside the drawer, there was some other small drawer. On it there was a piece of lined be aware paper and it become written “Jim’s closing letter, received January 25, 1915. To be buried with me whilst the time comes”. Inside the container, he located an envelope and the cope with cited on it became “Mrs Jim Macpherson, 12 Copper Beeches, Bridport, Dorset.” He took out the letter and opened up it. It become written in pencil with a date at the top — “December 26, 1914”.

He discovered an envelope in that mystery drawer. The writer study the letter. The letter had been written via a German Captain whose call became Jim Macpherson. He had written the letter to his wife, Connie. Jim Macpherson had narrated a awesome revel in on this letter that had took place on the battlefield of Christmas Eve.

The British and Germans had been at war. Both the armies were standing of their trenches on Christmas morning. Someone from the German facet changed into waving off the white flag. Then, they were calling out to the British soldiers. They were wishing Happy Christmas to the British infantrymen who needed them back in go back. Surprisingly, a few German soldiers started transferring closer to them. The Captain become alarmed as he concept that they might assault them. But, it grew to become out that they added German wine and canned meat in conjunction with them. They had been hugging each other and celebrating Christmas Eve. There have been no weapons between them. In the middle of the struggle, they have been trying to make peace.

A German officer moved in the direction of Macpherson. He shook palms and introduced himself as Hans Wolf Dusseldorf. He said that he loved to play the cello within the orchestra and greeted Macpherson for Christmas. In return, Macpherson also introduced himself as a faculty trainer of Dorset. Hans Wolf smiled and stated he knew about Dorset. Although he had in no way visited Dorset, or been to England either, he knew approximately England from college as he had read books in English. His favored writer turned into Thomas Hardy and his favorite e book changed into “Far from the Madding Crowd”. Dusseldorf and Macpherson also shared a Christmas cake together. Hans Wolf informed Jim that the marzipan changed into the quality he had ever tasted. Macpherson noted in his letter that this turned into a superb Christmas celebration that they'd ever seen.

Suddenly, another soldier added out the soccer at the ground. The British and German squaddies performed a pleasant match. Macpherson and Dusseldorf clapped and cheered the squaddies. Jim Macpherson wished if the trouble among the two countries can be resolved by using a soccer match in preference to struggle. He said so due to the fact in a soccer in shape, nobody dies – neither do youngsters get orphaned, nor do the soldiers better halves turn out to be widows.

Finally, the soccer healthy came to an cease. The Germans won the match. Soon after, absolutely everyone had beverages and enjoyed the food. Macpherson wished Dusseldorf and told him that they could meet once more with their households. He left with a gentle note that when the combat ends, they all may want to move home and enjoy great time with their respective families. Dusseldorf saluted Macpherson and walked away slowly and unwillingly. That night the German infantrymen were heard singing a Christmas carol. The English squaddies also gave them a rousing chorus of “While Shepherds Watched”. While concluding the letter, Macpherson wrote to Connie that each one the ones moments were the happiest memories of his lifestyles. He ended the letter with the desire that conflict could stop soon. Both the armies longed for peace and he might go back to Dorset soon and they would be able to spend time together once more.

After analyzing the letter, the writer put back the letter into the envelope. He decided to give the letter to whom it belonged. The next morning, he awoke early and went to Bridport. He reached House no. 12 and determined the house in a burnt-out shell circumstance. He knocked on the door of the subsequent house to enquire about the whereabouts of Mrs Macpherson. An antique guy staying within the neighbourhood said that her residence stuck fire likely due to burning of candles. However, she became saved by way of the firemen and changed into admitted to a nursing domestic in Burlington House at the Dorchester street that become on the other side of town.

Later, the writer went there and observed Mrs Macpherson changed into an vintage girl who was restrained to a wheelchair on the Burlington House Nursing Home. The matron offered him a mince pie to devour. He added himself to Mrs Macpherson as her husband’s friend who had come to go to her in Christmas. He needed her and handed over the tin box containing her husband’s remaining letter to her. That second her eyes lit up with popularity and her face changed into full of a unexpected glow of happiness.

The writer explained that he had come to visit her as he delivered a Christmas present for her and explained approximately the roll top table. Mrs Macpherson’s eyes were packed with tears and she changed into completely misplaced in mind. She assumed that the author turned into her husband and asked him to sit down beside her. She expressed that she missed him badly all the years while he turned into away to fight the warfare. Besides, she additionally said that she organized a pleasant Christmas cake, marzipan all around for him due to the fact she knew how tons he relished it. Thus, the tale ends with a note that Mrs Macpherson mistook the author for her lengthy-awaited husband for whom she have been ready for decades. 

<a href="https://www.realconnected.online/2021/09/the-best-christmas-present-in-world.html"> 

So, that might help you to increase you Search Rankings

Let's Move On

Let's write a whole article with header and more...

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